Conventional heating systems heat the air within a room which causes it to circulate and move dust and allergens shown in the image below.

ASTECthermTM heating systems heat the objects and surfaces within the room, rather than directly heating the air, and so reduce the movement of dust and allergens.  The way in which ASTECthermTM warms the surfaces of the room also helps to reduce damp and condensation spots which lead to the growth of mold and other fungal spores.  This makes our system ideal for suffers of respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

There is an overwhelming wealth of research which confirms that Infrared is not dangerous to humans (see section – What is Far Infrared).  At present, much of the research regarding infrared is into the possible benefits of Far Infrared Therapy.

ASTECtherm Infrared heating installed underfloor 

ASTECtherm infrared heating installed in the wall 

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