OldLED Replacement for Businesses/Homes

What are the benefits of Replacement LED Lighting:

Reduction power consumption: Savings of up to 80% in running costs in comparison to traditional lighting

Increased life and decreased maintenance: With life in excess of 50,000 hours of use, as against maybe 1,000 hours from a traditional lamp, the costs for replacement and maintenance are virtually removed.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): LEDs offer massively reduced long term outright costs of ownership with minimal initial system outlay.

Reduced Heat Output: The maximum LED operating temperatures are around 25°C rather than the 150° – 200°C of conventional lighting. Heat pollution is therefore reduced, offering savings in the operation of systems such as air conditioning.

Reduced Carbon Emissions: In addition to the obvious reductions in your energy consumption, there are no poisonous elements used in the component manufacture (such as Mercury and other noxious & polluting gases).

Light Quality: The quality of the LED white light can be tailored to your requirements, eliminating eye strain that can have adverse and costly implications in certain living & working environments together with obvious Health and Safety issues.

Please contact our team if you require advice on LED Replacement.

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