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Ceiling Infrared Heating 

How do ASTECtherm™ heating systems work?

ASTECtherm™ heating materials are made from highly compacted carbon fibres.  Consequently, the material is an excellent electrical conductor enabling it to run at low voltage; which is why it is such a cost-effective heating system.  The heating mats have a copper strip along either edge with an electrical terminal so that it can be connected to the power supply via one of our electrical transformers.

*The voltage will vary depending on the requirements of your heating system and the size of the area being heated

“The transformer decreases the electrical voltage from 230V to Low Voltages AC (24 V and 36V) before it flows through the ASTECtherm™ heating film.  The film then emits Far Infrared which we feel as radiant heat (up to 3.5m).  The radiant heat emitted by the material causes the particles within the objects and surfaces that it radiates onto to vibrate faster and give off heat.  Essentially the objects and surfaces of the room become a heat store and act like a radiator, providing warmth.  Even so, the ASTECtherm™ heating materials remain perfectly safe to touch because they operate at a Low Surface Temperature (less than 43oC).  This makes them safe for use in nurseries, schools, hospitals and care homes – in fact anywhere where people could be at risk from high surface temperatures.

Why does ASTECtherm™ heating work most effectively in the ceiling? 

The most efficient method of heating with ASTECtherm™ is to install in the ceiling.  This is because heating from above allows the least interrupted line-of-sight between the heating film and most surfaces in the room; maximising the coverage of radiant heat produced. The heat film is lightweight, durable and only 0.5mm thick providing you with a totally hidden heating solution for your building.

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