Heating your home with ASTECtherm

How does Infrared heat your home? 

Infrared heating warms a room by emitting infrared radiation, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eye. The infrared radiation is absorbed by objects and surfaces in the room, such as furniture, walls, and people, heating them up. As the objects and surfaces heat up, they in turn heat the surrounding air, warming the room/air.

Imagine you have an ASTECtherm infrared heater installed in your living room. When you turn it on, it emits infrared radiation. The radiation is absorbed by the couch, the walls, the floor, and other objects in the room. As these objects heat up, they start to radiate heat themselves, warming the air in the room.

As the air warms up, it rises, creating a natural convection current. This helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the room, making it feel warm and comfortable. Because the heat is coming from the surfaces, rather than being blown around by a fan, it feels more natural and consistent than traditional convection heating.

Additionally, because infrared heating warms surfaces directly, it can achieve a desired temperature in a space much faster than convection heating. This means that the heater can be turned off sooner, saving energy in the process. This is one of the main benefits of infrared heating, as it is highly energy efficient.

Property in Rugby

One of our clients recently asked for a quote for ASTECtherm Low Energy Infrared Space Heating for his 200-year-old 2 bedroom property.  Once ASTECtherm received the plans a system design and quote were produced and forwarded to our client for consideration and comment.

After a couple of weeks, we made our customary follow-up call to see if the client had any questions about either the system or the quote.  It turned out that our client, a senior consultant engineer, had been investigating and comparing Air Source and Ground Source heat pump options, panel radiators and infrared panels, as well as the ASTECtherm.  When we asked him what he thought about our proposal, his words were clear and unambiguous, “you have THE best heating option on the market, when can you deliver?”; “there is no competition, can I buy some shares?”

Install day

The client wanted some assistance installing the heating so paid for a day with our install team.  After showing the client the product, work quickly progressed with cables routed and then paired in accordance with the system schematic (provided by ASTECtherm with the system) ready for crimping to the heating mats.

The plasterer mixed up Multi Finish Plaster and applied a bed of plaster ready to accept the first mat. This mat was connected to the prepositioned cable and then rolled out and pushed in to plaster.

Over the next hour the pre-cut mats (mats are crimped and cut to length as part of kit production) for this first bedroom went in without issue in accordance with the schematic.  Onto the en-suite …  this time 4 mats installed in the walls – Done!

Onto the main bedroom and second en suite.  A few hours later upstairs was complete ready for the plaster to make everything look pretty. Overall the installation of the ASTECtherm system in this property took just 7 hours.

Skimming in the heating

The next hour the mats for the bedroom went in like a dream, then onto the en suite … 4 mats installed in the the walls – Done!

Onto the main bedroom and second en suite, a few hours later upstairs was complete ready for the plaster to make everything look pretty.

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