“We are using AstecTHERM heating systems in our motorhomes for some years now, it is the most efficient and cleanest way to heat.  We have sold more than 15,000 Motorhomes in the UK and Ireland the last 5 years.” Mr. B. Kibler (CEO) | HYMER Motorhomes | www.hymer.com

“We are the leading service company for airports worldwide.  We use Astec Infrared Heating Systems in some airports. Heathrow, Munich, etc. because of the low maintenance and the efficiency of the heating system.” Mrs. S. Kleiner | Swissport | www.swissport.com

“I’ve waited about 5 years for this product with high anticipation and expectation. Finally after purchasing my new house and extending it do I have astec heating installed and i am delighted to say it has been well worth the wait. My open plan kitchen dinner is about 45m2 and 2.4 high and even on the bare minimum requirements of having it only plastered into the ceiling is the room permanently warm.  The heat itself is not like a radiator heat it’s hard to describe but it’s a feeling of permanent comfort. I have slate tiles on the floor and the difference between the room and the hall way is all I can describe as dramatic when bare footed.  The cushions on the sofa feel warm and when you tilt your head back and close your eyes it’s like laying on a sun lounger looking at the sun and feeling it’s warmth. I couldn’t recommend it enough. There aren’t any downsides but only one would be the transformer does hum a bit but it’s completely drowned out with day to day life until everything is silent which in our house isnt often and if you placed it with this in mind cant see it as an issue. The installation is easy and the after care and technical service are outstanding.  If I could do my whole house I would as a house without radiators potentially leaking, clanging pipes when the boiler fires up or fear of drilling or nailing a pressurised water pipes to me is a complete no brainer. So to sum up. If you can afford it get it you won’t be disappointed.” Danny Newton from Warrington