Top 6 Advantages of ASTECtherm

Efficient Economies

Comparing infrared heating systems to conventional alternatives reveals significantly reduced operational expenses. Achieving similar levels of warmth requires less power, resulting in lower energy costs. Furthermore, our infrared heating mats demand no maintenance, eliminating the need for additional expenses related to component replacements.

Streamlined Installation

Our electrically powered infrared heating mats eliminate the need for complex pipelines or boilers, expediting the installation process. Additionally, these heating panels seamlessly blend into your living space, effortlessly integrating into the building’s structure as they smoothly become part of the ceiling plaster.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Typical heating systems typically operate with energy efficiency levels ranging from 50% to 70%. In contrast, ASTECtherm Infrared heating mats achieve an impressive efficiency rate of approximately 98% in converting energy input into room-warming output. Furthermore, these systems produce no carbon dioxide emissions and exhibit low electromagnetic pollution, aligning perfectly with eco-friendly principles.

Instantaneous Warmth

Conventional heating methods often entail a time delay in fully warming a room, whereas infrared heating systems rapidly warm walls, floors, and other solid objects. The extended heat retention enables uniform redistribution back into the room, preventing immediate heat loss upon door opening, a significant departure from traditional heating methods.


ASTECtherm Infrared heating systems combat mold growth and dampness by primarily heating solid objects rather than the room’s air. Particularly advantageous for individuals with respiratory concerns, these systems contribute to the improvement and maintenance of air quality.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Integrating seamlessly with the ceiling, ASTECtherm Infrared heating systems eliminate the need to structure rooms around radiators or panels. This discreet heating solution enhances interior decor aesthetics, effectively combining functionality with style.

For those seeking an intelligent home heating solution, ASTECtherm stands as the ultimate choice. Established in 2013, our commitment revolves around providing energy-efficient, secure, sustainable, and long-lasting infrared heating solutions. Explore our diverse range of options on our website. For inquiries, reach out to us at 0333 577 2455 or via email at

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