The top 6 advantages of infrared heating technology

Less expensive to run

When compared with other conventional heating systems, the running costs cost of an infrared heating system is lower as it requires less power output to be able to provide the same level of warmth the competition can produce. Furthermore, there is no maintenance required with our infrared heating mats, further eliminating additional costs that involve replacement of parts.

Ease of install

Due to our infrared heating mat run on electricity they don’t need a complex system of pipes or a boiler, therefore it is much easier and quicker to install. Additionally, infrared heating panels maximise your living space by becoming part of the fabric of your building by being skimmed into the plaster of your ceiling.

Environmental friendly

Conventional heating systems are estimated to have around 50-70% energy efficiency. ASTECtherm Infrared heating mats, on the other hand, produce around 98% of efficient from the energy that is put into the system for their sole purpose of warming up a room. Moreover, infrared heating systems do not produce any carbon dioxide emission and are also classified low in electromagnetic pollution.

Ability to provide instant heat

Conventional heating takes quite some time before finally heating the air in a room and provide your desired temperature, with infrared heating systems instantly heats the walls, floors in fact all solid objects where the warmth stays for so much longer and then the heat is released evenly back into the room. This means when a door is opened the heat isn’t lost instantly unlike conventional heating systems.

Infrared heating is the healthier heating alternative

ASTECtherm Infrared heating systems reduce the formation of mould and help to prevent damp walls as it heats solid objects instead of the air in the room. In addition to this, ASTECtherm infrared heating mats are a much better option for people with any breathing conditions as it has the capacity to maintain and improve the air quality.

Aesthetically pleasing

Infrared heating systems by ASTECtherm are integrated into your building by being skimmed into your ceiling no requirement to design your rooms around radiators/infrared panels. With this, our heating solution provides you with an invisible heating solution and another way to improve your interior decor’s aesthetic appearance.

If you are looking for a smarter way to heat your home, ASTECtherm is your top choice. Built since 2013, our aim has been to produce and supply energy efficient infrared heating solutions that are safe, sustainable and robust at the same time. Browse through our website to see the options we have to offer. For enquiries, give us a call on 0333 577 2455 or email us at

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